Michael Kull, better known as Mike Candys (born 21 August 1981), is a Swiss music producer and dance DJ.
In 2008, Mike Candys became widely known in Switzerland with the song "La Serenissima". In 2009 he again found success after collaborating with Jack Holiday on a remix of the Faithless song "Insomnia", which reached the top 10 in various European singles charts. His third single, "People Hold On", is ranked fourth in the 2010 European club charts and was followed by "Together Again", which helped him to become internationally recognized. In 2011, he reached the top of the charts with "One Night in Ibiza", a track that contains elements of 1990s eurodance, alternating between female vocalist Evelyn Zangger and rapper Patrick Miller. The song was an answer to "Welcome to St. Tropez" by Swiss DJ Antoine and Timati. In March 2012, Mike Candys released "2012 (If The World Would End)" that immediately became a top 10 hit in German speaking countries. It is his most successful single so far.