Ørjan Nilsen (born on June 14, 1982 in Kirkenes, Norway) is a Norwegian trance and progressive producer-DJ.
At the age of 7, Nilsen got his first keyboard, and started to practice on it frequently for the next couple of years and at the age of 16, Nilsen got his first very own synthesizer.
At the end of 2004, Nilsen had made several unofficial remixes and a couple of own productions, that got the attention of the trance community. His tracks began to be played on radio stations and clubs all over the world, though nothing was signed by any label.

In 2006 Nilsen has released his first signed vinyl – "Arctic Globe / Prison Break" on Intuition Recordings. "Arctic Globe" was voted #1 on the Dutch Dance Charts at that time. Since then, he has released a handful of prime level tracks including La Guitarra, Lovers Lane, GO FAST! and others. Nilsen is currently taking gigs all over the world and his music career is developing rapidly, although the DJ Governor moniker is at rest.

In the last fewyears he has been wow’ing audiences across the planet with his take on what a 21st century DJ and producer should be about. Born in 1982 in the Norwegian town of Kirkenes, Ørjan has had very little doubt about what he wanted to do with his life, having listened to countless CD compilations, and seeing some of the legends DJing, Ørjan knew that the DJ booth would be his domain one day. Ørjans work with the dutch label Armada Music started with the track “Red Woods” released in 2006 under his DJGovernor alias, and over the years Ørjan found his groove, flashing samples of his huge potential, with “La Guitarra”(2008), Lovers Lane and So Long Radio (2010). Ørjan wenton to release his first artist album in 2011 titled “In My Opinion” which stormed up sales charts and catapulted Ørjan onto the watch-list of every EDM-fan around. Even though “In My Opinion” was very successful, Ørjan showed no intention of slowing down, quickly releasing mammoth tracks like “Viking”, “Atchoo” (2011) and opening 2012 in collaboration with Armin van Buuren and the aptlytitled “Belter” followed by his own “Amsterdam” and “Endymion” before finishing out the year with clubdestroyers “Copperfield” and “Filthy Fandango”. As a DJ Ørjan Nilsen quickly established himself with aninfectious blend of all things chunky and groovy, his energyand presence behind the decks has taken him around the world playing at some of the world’s finest clubs and biggest festivals, from Sao Paulo to Sydney and many places inbetween.It has been a remarkable journey which resulted inrecognition from industry heavy weights.