Morandi is a Romanian Europop music group composed of Marius Moga and Andrei Ştefan Ropcea (Randi). The group's name derives from the first two letters of Moga's name and Ropcea's nickname, Randi, creating Morandi.

Musical career

Aside from being successful in Romania, the group ranked highly on several pan-European charts (including the MTV Europe chart and the World Chart Express) and became probably the most successful band in the history of Eastern Europe after O-Zone[citation needed]. Their music is very popular among young people in Russia, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Republic of Macedonia, Lithuania and Ukraine. Morandi were nominated as Best Romanian Act both at the 2005 MTV Europe Music Awards and 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards and won the award at the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards. "Angels" was called "Most successful track 2008" in Russia.

A new album, Zebra, has been deferred several times. Morandi have continued to tour and perform concerts for an extended time. In the fifth week of 2011 Morandi released "Angels" in France. Up to now the song peaked at chart position 16 of the official French music chart.

New single, "Everytime we touch", was released on January, 21, 2013. This song was performed in Russia on Europa Plus radiostation on December, 31, 2012.