Cyantific is the stage name of Jon Stanley, an electronic producer/DJ from London, England. Cyantific was originally a duo, but split in 2009. The pair met at high school, where Matt was in a heavy metal band, and Jon collecting Drum and Bass records. They began making music using simple sequencing software on an old PC.

After a few years of tuning their sound they had their first release on the now defunct Replicant Audio label. They then went on to write 'Timescape' which was picked up by John B for his label. Jon was DJing at a night in London directly before High Contrast, who took an interest in 'Timescape'. Jon passed him a demo CD, and two weeks later Hospital Records called them in to a meeting to sign an album deal.

In 2006, after numerous singles they released their debut album Ghetto Blaster. It features collaborations with Matrix and Logistics.

2007 saw Jon recognised for his DJing skills, as he won BBC 1Xtra's 2007 Xtra Bass award for 'best break through DJ'.

In 2010 Cyantific started his own self-titled label. The first release includes a collaboration with Logistics entitled 'Brighter Day' and a solo effort called '88 mph'.

The Cyantific sound has been described as experimental Drum and Bass.